Co-creating the future of TV with AI

Bringing the power of cutting-edge AI to CTV viewers, advertisers and content partners

Experience Connected Television
like never before

Anoki unlocks the power of AI to create personalized, relevant CTV content and advertising experiences at scale – and a platform for viewers, content providers and brands to connect and engage.

AI-powered contextual CTV advertising

Magically serve up hyper-relevant, perfectly timed ads by matching ads with the scenes and sentiments of the surrounding content.

GenAI for video ad creation and personalization

Supercharge how your video ads are created and optimized, and maximize ROI by generating ad variations for optimal relatability and recall.

AI-enhanced native FAST service on Google TV

Discover, navigate, and enjoy a vast library of free ad-supported content. LiveTVx surfaces content based on viewer preferences and behaviors, making discovery quick and easy.

Contextual CTV Advertising —
A Primer

Contextual CTV advertising assures ads are highly relevant and contextually aligned with the content viewers are watching. Learn how advancements in AI upend traditional advertising and usher in contextual CTV ads that ensure maximum viewer engagement, brand safety, and adherence to privacy standards. 

(10 minute read)